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Leadership Monroe County’s mission is building relationships
for constructive alliances among Florida Keys leaders

At the Key West Butterfly Conservatory

CLASS XXVIII has risen to the challenge of becoming the next best class, as the Opening Session commenced on September 27-28, in Key West, with “Tourism, and the Economy” at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens. But first, the Getting To Know You exercise always provides lots of breaking down barriers and facilitating how to know your new ‘best friends!” The TDC and Tinsley organizations gave a deep dive into the dynamics of the industry, and the impacts on our communities. The Class then journeyed, courtesy of HTA, to the world-class Butterfly Conservatory to be held in awe of the unique environment, all aflutter and lifted into a realm of wonder, as locals and visitors alike have made this place one of the top ‘must see’ destinations in Key West.

During the second day of activities, Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt presented his engaging perspectives on conflict resolution models, and further challenged the class with the vexing exercise of how to essentially look at options in decision making, how and what may be the best questions to ask, when dealing with what seems an intractable problem. The day wrapped with the unforgettable Scavenger Hunt, in pursuit of identifying a maze of locations and history, and of course the prized Pinky. But LMC has its own awarded points during the hunt, to illustrate not only our competitive spirits, but also cooperative team building, wacky and wild, wonderfully fun and further unforgettable experiences.

Class 28 at Opening Session
Session Sponsor
Session Sponsor

Additional Sponsors for Session 1 include The City of Layton, and Henry Rosenthal

Class XXVIII - 2019-20 Session Dates and Locations

Day sessions usually begin at 8:00am and end by 5:00pm.
Accommodations are provided for Sessions w/overnight stays. All expenses paid, except for personal purchases you make.

#1 - Sept. 27-28, 2019

Leadership, Tourism & the Economy

Two day session w/one overnight in Key West
#2 - Nov. 8, 9, 10


Three day session w/two overnights in the Everglades
#3 - Dec. 6


One day session in Key Largo

#4 - Jan. 17-18, 2020


First day session in Key West 

The Military

Second day session in Key West

#5 - Feb. 7

Health Care

One day session in Marathon

#6 – Feb. 21

Human Services

One day session in Key West
#7 - Mar. 8

Emergency Management

One day session in Marathon
#8 - Apr. 17-18

Arts, Culture, the Media

One and a half day session in Key West w/one overnight 

Important Info

The Board of Directors conducted its Annual Meeting (postponed from May, due to COVID-19) and Retreat/Advance on August 1st, in Marathon to review Class XXVIII and to plan for the upcoming Class XXIX, which is set to commence in January, 2021. The application process for the new class begins in later September; interested leaders throughout the Florida Keys are strongly encouraged to make the next “best class” your own and continue to build Keys Strong communities! 

Our Recent 2018-19/Class XXVII Sessions

Tourism and the Economy

September 28-29, 2018

Held in Key West.


Lower Keys Medical Center

Session Sponsors

First State Bank of the Florida Keys            Centennial Bank                                                            and additional support from                      Michelle Coldiron Class XX

The Environment

November 9-11, 2018

Held in Upper Keys and Everglades/Big Cypress


CenterState Bank

Session Sponsors 

Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, Waste Management, Ocean Reef Community Association, CBT Construction, Sotheby’s International Realty,  

and additional support from MARINE LAB & Ginette Hughes XIII,  DOC’S DINER: Jim Boilini, XXI  & Gina Boilini, XXII, Karen  Rodriguez, XX, Carole Ellis, IX, City of Layton/Norm Anderson, XIX, Henry Rosenthal, XIX, and the incredible STORMTROOPERS- CLASS XXVI  for the Awesome Alumni Dinner!

The Arts, Culture & The Media

December 14, 2018

Held in Key West


Lower Keys Medical Center

Session Sponsors

Hemingway Home & Museum

Henry Rosenthal

and additional support from                                   The Studios of Key West, Jedd Dodds (XXII) and Michael Shields (XVI)

The Law & The Military

Held in Key West January 11 & 25, 20189

Tour of the County Judicial Offices and Courthouse, the Law Enforcement headquarters of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and Key West Police Department.

Tour and Mission briefs of the major military facilities in Key West, at the Naval Air Station, US Coast Guard Sector, Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School, JIATFF Command, Tactical Combat Training System, and the Tour of Fighter Squadron Composite (VFC) 111 “Sun Downers”


Hershoff, Lupino & Yagel Law Firm 

with major support by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and Sheriff Rick Ramsey (XIX)

The Navy League, Key West Council 

 USNL Logo 2.jpg

 & the Key West Military Affairs Committee for support of the Alumni Reception at Sunset Grill.


Health and Human Services

Held on February 1 & 22, 2019

Lower Keys Medical Centerimage005.jpg


Mariners Hospital logo.jpeg 


FK Ambulance lg.jpeg


with additional sponsorship support from alumni ~ 

Maria Jones (XX), Jody Gross (XX), Sue Harrison (XXII)LeeAnn Holroyd (XXII)

Emergency Management Session

Held on March 1, 2019 in Marathon

An overview of county-wide Emergency Services will be provided. You will be able to examine the decision making process by the responsible officials and responders, as a hurricane approaches and explore how it effects the Keys physically, mentally and economically.

You will meet local and national leaders involved in the decision making. You will get a first hand overview of what it takes to operate a fire station by touring the City of Marathon’s fire station, participating in a vehicle extraction and participating in a simulated exercise. Experience the medical transportation of a critical trauma patient on our state of the art helicopter “Trauma Star”.

 SESSION SPONSORS – Steve Cook (Class XXV) &  Sheila Cook & Fishermen’s Community Hospital

with additional support by Brandi Card Island Pilates & Paul Patterson (XXVI)

Education and Government

April 5, 2019

Held at Plantation Key School and Coral Shores High School, Tavernier


CenterState Bank


Holly Raschein, D-120
with support from City of Layton, Vicky Fay (XIII),  Bob Thomas (XXIII), & Chuck Licis (XXV)

Class XXVII Graduation

For ALL of the pictures of the Graduation Banquet, click here!

We thank our sponsors who make the LMC program possible!

CenterState Bank and the Lower Keys Medical Center have magnified their support for LMC through becoming REGIONAL SPONSORS, further strengthening what LMC may communicate and educate. We are very grateful for their commitment and thank their community leaders for making it possible.

Want to apply for the next Class? Look ahead to September, 2020!

Leadership Monroe County’s mission is building relationships
for constructive alliances among Florida Keys leaders.