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What is Leadership Monroe County?

Monroe County’s rapidly changing needs and concerns make it necessary that a group of strong leaders guide the community in a positive direction. The LMC program is aimed at community residents who are active in leadership roles in the private sector, government, or community organizations. Through a series of one and two-day sessions, participants examine fundamental segments of our local community and gather information to help them make quality leadership decisions. All sessions bring together the key government and private sector leaders of the county in a seminar or group discussion format. Graduates become part of Leadership Monroe County’s alumni organization, dedicated to furthering cooperation and community well-being between local leaders. The alumni network offers an ideal framework for pursuing individual and community goals and business objectives. An alumni board of directors oversees program planning and administration.


Leadership Monroe County Florida’s mission is building relationships for constructive alliances among Florida Keys leaders.


Leadership Monroe County Florida’s vision is to be the trustee of effective community leadership in the Florida Keys.


The long-term goals of the program are to develop strong, dedicated leadership working for a sense of community throughout Monroe County.

Toward that end, Leadership Monroe County seeks to:

  • Identify today’s and tomorrow’s leaders who are committed to the long-term future of the County, from all segments of the community
  • Introduce participants to the problems, challenges and opportunities in the County and the resources available to address them
  • Create a network among graduates and other community leaders to foster future communication and cooperation

Who Can Participate?

The program seeks those who are dynamic, informed leaders committed to the good of the community. Applicants must:

  • Be leaders within their business or organization with a potential for advancement to other leadership positions
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to serve the community through participation in volunteer organizations
  • Have lived or worked in Monroe County for at least one year and be a Monroe County registered voter
  • Be seriously committed to live in Monroe County for the foreseeable future
  • Be able to participate in all of the scheduled sessions, which traditionally have been organized from end of September into early April

Applications for Class XXVIII -
are now closed. Applications for Class XXIX will be open July, 2020.

Leadership Monroe County Florida’s mission is building relationships
for constructive alliances among Florida Keys leaders.
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